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Upcoming events

    • August 29, 2024
    • 8:00 AM - 3:15 PM
    • Rosewood Hall City of Homewood 2850 19th Street South Homewood, AL 35209


    Jeffrey Klaiman, P.E. | Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute

    Mr. Klaiman, who has over 30 years of experience, leads ADTEK’s structural and specialty engineering (cold-formed and light gauge steel) practices. He oversees ADTEK’s structural engineers on all projects, provides the structural engineering to support many of ADTEK’s current projects, and has the authority to assign structural staff company wide to ensure that sufficient resources are available to meet project schedules. Mr. Klaiman was also instrumental in the expansion of the specialty engineering discipline company-wide, is nationally recognized as an expert in his field and is licensed in over ten states. His specialty group operates throughout the country and actively participates in the professional community. He conducts seminars to educate and promote the development of and most efficient use of light gauge steel framing and design. Mr. Klaiman’s professional experience includes building maintenance and engineering, on-site engineering for a concrete contractor, and Manager of Technical Services for Dale/Incor (a national manufacturer of light gauge steel framing products and systems). He is a member of multiple committees of the American Iron & Steel Institute’s Committee of Specifications for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members and the Committee on Framing Standards for the Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute, ASTM and the Steel Framing Alliance. Mr. Klaiman currently serves as President of the Mid-Atlantic Steel Framing Alliance (MASFA) and served as President of the Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute in 2009-2010.

    Paul Malcom, P.E. | CLP Systems

    Paul Malcom is supervisor of the Design Department at CLP Systems in Pelham, AL. He started with CLP as an EIT in 2018, bringing full design of shearwall tie-down anchors in house as a value engineering service to customers in the wood frame industry. In 2021 he obtained his PE license and assumed the role of Design Supervisor in 2023. He works with his team to improve the simplicity and quality of shop drawing submittals and further build out the scope of engineering services offered by CLP Systems. Paul lives in Alabaster, AL with his two children, Jayden and Mya, coaches Mya’s U7 soccer team, and serves on the transportation team for Jayden’s marching band. He’s an active member in local F3 Yellowhammer peer led workout groups in Alabaster, Pelham, Helena, and Calera.


    David Carlysle, P.E. | Parrot Structural Services, LLC

    David Carlysle is the design engineer for Parrot Structural Services, LLC where he utilizes computer modeling to design and specify helical piers for remedial and new construction projects. Mr. Carlysle graduated from GA Tech in 1976 with a degree in mechanical engineering. Prior to working for Parrot Structural Services, Mr. Carlysle owned Criterium-Carlysle Engineers for 27 years, where he evaluated structures of all types and prepared repair designs utilizing helical products. He has prepared delegated designs for Parrot Structural Services for many years, first as a consultant and currently as a part time employee. Mr. Carlysle enjoys hunting, fishing, boating, playing the trumpet and serving his community as a volunteer firefighter/paramedic.


    Dan Watkins, P.E. | Vulcraft AL

    Dan Watkins is a Professional Engineer at Vulcraft AL, a leading manufacturer of steel joists and deck. He is known for his technical expertise in structural engineering and contributes to the development and implementation of innovative steel products.


    Schedule coming soon!


    Rosewood Hall

    City of Homewood

    2850 19th Street South

    Homewood, AL 35209

    Free parking in deck or behind City Hall.

    Please note the below Hotel options:

    • Hampton Inn - $138, 2731 US-280
    • Embassy Suites - $145, 2300 Woodcrest Pl.
    • Aloft Birmingham - $184, 1903 29th Ave S.

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