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SEAoAL Younger Member Forum

Purpose: To facilitate the transition of students and young engineers into practicing engineers through education, support, and outreach.

Who: Inclusive of all structural engineers while being geared toward young engineers with less than 10 years of experience.


  • Provide learning opportunities to teach young engineers the Practice of Structural Engineering to build on their current knowledge of the Science of Structural Engineering.
  • Provide an environment for young Structural Engineers of Alabama to gather and discuss issues and concerns that are specific to their experience level.
  • Promote the Structural Engineering Profession to high school and college students.



  • Expand knowledge and experience first hand by:
  • Plant tours (wood truss fabrication, steel fabrication, concrete mixing, precast, etc.)
  • Lunch and learns by other consultants (MEP, special inspections, geotechnical engineering and testing, etc.)


  • Create an online forum where young structural engineers can gather and discuss issues.
  • Create a discussion platform.
  • Discuss issues such as MEP rules of thumb, PE/SE test concerns/experiences, general engineering questions, what to expect and how to deal with your first job, etc.
  • Promote forum in newsletter and on the website.
  • Network with engineers of similar experience level to develop relationships.
  • Find possible study partners for PE/SE Exams.
  • Discourage future unethical and detrimental practices by building mutual respect.


  • Have functions where high school and college students can attend.
  • Invite college students to the onsite “lunch and learns”
  • Facilitate BBQ Socials at Universities to promote Structural Engineering to Students.
  • Encourage community service projects.

Younger Member Director

Jamieson Matthews

MBA Engineers


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